A bargain

I found these necklaces in the H&M shop on Grafton Street, Dublin. They were on sale for only two euros so I bought three. There are so many beads in each necklace so they are great for chopping up and keeping the beads. It can be much cheaper than buying beads from beads shops and websites. The pearl beads will match with many other types of beads. The smaller pink and green beads are good for using in between bigger beads. When your looking around the shops its a good idea to keep an eye out for jewellery sales especially jewellery that is made with a lot beads.
IMG_2361 (2)

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Collecting beads

This a picture of my bead collection. I bought the storage box in Woodie’s DIY in Tallaght , Dublin. http://www.woodiesdiy.com . They have great boxes for storing beads and supplies. You can find these storage boxes or tool boxes in many hardware stores. I bought the beads and findings from different bead shops and websites. I also bought jewellery on sale in the high street and second hand shops. I chopped up the jewellery and kept the beads. You can get a lot of beads for a cheap price this way. Another good way of collecting beads is too ask friends and family if they have any jewellery that they don’t want and cut it up. Its better to get jewellery made with plenty of beads so its worth buying and cutting up. There is not much point if there is only one bead on the necklace or bracelet unless of course you really like it.
IMG_2351 (2)